Duane Strong Jr. - Part 1

Duane “Wane” Strong Jr. was killed by police in Tallahassee, FL on May 29, 2014. At the age of 18, he was shot by an officer while trying to leave a nightclub parking lot.


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At the same time, because they called it in, this other officer Fallis. had decided to just block off the parking lot and say, nobody in, nobody out, So Fallis was there, the other officers, the black officer and there was one other officer that came up the hill. Those officers are telling Fallis to stop that vehicle, stop that vehicle. So, when you read the report, it says that he was like, banging in the cars, bumper cars, and bumped this car, bumped that car, speeding through the parking lot. They’re saying, hey, stop. And the officer just started shooting and the first shot went straight through the windshield, hit him right away. And then he kept shooting. So it was a lot of bullets down the side of the car. So he kept shooting him as he drove away into the back windshield. But Duane, he didn’t make it probably about 200 yards down the street, car drove into the woods and he died right there on the scene.



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