Danny Ray Thomas - Part 2

Danny’s sister Marketta speaks about his life and their strong bond while navigating multiple family tragedies leading up to his death. She discusses what happened after the police encounter that led to Danny’s death and the impact it has had on her and her family.


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They said my brother could have survived. But if he would have survived, he would have been paralyzed, because when he was shot, he was shot in the abdomen and a bullet ruptured his spinal cord. So he would have been paralyzed, but he instead he died instantly, and he still treated my brother like an animal and handcuffed him, when proper procedure was to render aid. He was no threat, you shot him, he was no threat. He still didn't. So I'm just, I don't see how, after all the evidence was brought to them in a courtroom, they still found him not guilty. the people that trained him, even the chief of police even said that you're supposed to exhaust all resources before using deadly force. Nothing, nothing, and it's hurtful.


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·     Danny Ray Thomas


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