Danny Ray Thomas - Part 1

Executive producer Chris Colbert has a one on one conversation with Marketta Thomas sister of Danny Ray Thomas. Danny Ray Thomas was killed by police in Houston, TX on March 22, 2018. At the age of 34, he was shot by police while having a manic episode in the middle of the street with his pants around his ankles.


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CHIME #1 (skip ahead 6 minutes 4 seconds)

And so then, I understand his wife murdered the children.

Right. Are you okay speaking about what happened there?

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Well, from my understanding, I had actually had just got off the phone with her the day before. And I was trying to get the kids from her because he was, Danny, was calling me from jail three-way. Somebody else telling me he was concerned about his kids and that I needed to go get them, So I was calling her, trying to get them as I did before, even when he was out of jail because she wouldn't necessarily let him come get them. So he would have to go through me to go get his kids so that he could see them. So I tried calling her and getting the kids and at one point she was just like, "No." 

she didn't want the kids around me or any of my family or anything like that. And it was just kind of like, I didn't understand why. "But you're saying that you need help from his family, I'm trying to help you and give you a relief from the kids for a while, just let me help you out." She just was not feeling it at all. She was just like, "No, I hate your brother. And my kids are never going to be around your family. Don't ever call me about my kids. Don't worry about it." But at the same time she was going through mental issues, I think she was bipolar or something. So, it was kind of like, okay, maybe this is just one of them days. so I'll try the next day.

The next day became that day. And it hurt so much because it's just like, "I was just talking to her yesterday about the kids. I heard the kids in the background. Why would you do something like that? Why?" She called CPS, for CPS to come get them, the kids. And she told them, "I think I might do something. I don't think my kids are safe around me. I need someone to come get them" and stuff like that. And then they wouldn't, they didn't feel the need. They felt like there was no reason to. But you have the mom telling you, she's telling you, she's giving you a warning. Right? "If you don't take these kids something's bad's going to happen." They didn't take head to it and the next day...

I believe it was overnight when she did it, because she was with one of my cousins. They're best friends. This is what I heard from my cousin, Nina, is that they were riding in a car. She has another son from a previous relationship, older. They're riding in a car and she went to drop the oldest son off with his dad because he lived with his dad and she went home. But my cousin was telling her that she was under so much stress that even my cousin offered to take the two youngest kids and keep them for a while and she didn't let her do it. So, she dropped her off at home and then she went home.

My cousin said that she felt something bad, like you had that eerie feeling. She said that she was having that eerie feeling. And she kept calling and calling her, but she wasn't answering the phone. So she was like, "Yeah, I kept calling and she would never answer the phone." And I believe she said when she finally did answer the phone, she was saying something about, can she come get her or something like that, she needed to leave town or something. So, my cousin's kind of wondering why was she saying she needs to leave town all of a sudden...

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