Kaldrick Donald - Part 1

Kaldrick Donald was killed by police in Gretna, FL on October 28, 2014. At the age of 24, he was shot by an officer in his family’s bathroom after the officer arrived to help get Kaldrick mental health care. CALL TO ACTION: Donate to Families - https://gf.me/u/yk5y4f CashApp - $LoisD71 WARNING: CHIME #1 (skip ahead 1 minute) By the time I'm like this far to him, like, I'm here Officer Brown there. By the time my feet hit the second step, all I hear is pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. And I'm like, fall back, like what's going on? My daughter Shameka, she told the story, Because my daughter was standing right there looking. she watched everything. And she told me that it was like a little tussle thing. You know, Kaldrick jumped back in the tub, just probably afraid. And I don't know, if it was a battle or what, He shot him, then he grabbed him around and he laid him down to the floor. The last thing I heard Kaldrick say was, Meka, go get my mama. RESOURCES: Apalachee Center - https://apalacheecenter.org/ Tallahassee Memorial Behavioral Health Center - https://www.tmh.org/ https://www.dcpofficial.com/kaldrick-donald CREDITS: Host: Adell Coleman & Chris Colbert Executive Producers: Adell Coleman & Chris Colbert Edited & Sound Design: Byron Hunt Producers: Jacqueline Garofano and Ryan Woodhall Associate Producers: Maria Beckett & Quinton Hill Content Distribution: DCP Entertainment 
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