Duane Strong Jr. - Part 2

Duane’s family and his attorney speak about his unexpected death, and the lack of justice for them and other families in Florida.

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WARNING: CHIME #1 (skip ahead 2 minute 34 seconds) So after that fight, Tony did about an hour long Facebook Live, pretty much talking about all the trauma that he's experienced in his life, from being beaten from five years old, for 12 years. Not having the love of the family, not having the love of the community, being locked up for 15 years of his adult life. Pretty much being warehoused, not getting any treatment or anything like that. And one thing that when I saw it, and I know Tony from growing up. There are so many Tony's out there. And that's what drew me to the story. Whether it be the trauma, whether it be the disappointment, whether it be, people use you, all those kinds of things, and you never know when somebody's at their end. And Tony was clearly at his end. And so he said, in the video, he was going to find him, he was going to get revenge and kill him. And that it was going to have to be a standoff with law enforcement, because he wasn't going back to jail. And so the next morning, the people who he fought, live in the same apartment complex that he did. So he stayed over at a friend's house to avoid it, went home to change clothes, saw one of the guys, Malik and saw him sitting in the car, he approached him. There was a stab and both of them, ended up stabbed. Malik passed away. Tony was also stabbed. Tony then called, Wanda McDade, which is Tony's mom, on the way back to the apartment. And by the time they got back to the apartment, Tony noticed one law enforcement officer pulling up. So Tony walked over to the tree where you might've saw some of the videos. There was a tree where Tony was killed, and Wanda got out of the car, went straight to the officer and said, you got to help him. You got to help him. He's suicidal. Wanda McDade's mom still refer to Tony as a daughter, say, my daughter, she's suicidal, she's suicidal. You got to help her. They just kept approaching, another officer pulled up. And from what everybody was saying, didn't say much, it was barely out of his car, and shot Tony five times. They found shells inside the squad car. The original story, mom said that Tony didn't have a gun, law enforcement officer saying that Tony did have a gun.

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