Kaldrick Donald - Part 2

Kaldrick’s family and attorney discuss how the case was kept out of the public eye, and how the officer’s pattern of behavior has terrorized their small town.

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WARNING: CHIME #1 (skip ahead 1 minute 3 seconds) And, that morning when I called, he was in the dollar store I guess. And somebody told me ... I can’t remember who it was. They said that he got the call and he made a statement saying that I hope I don’t have to go kill nobody. Well, he told somebody that, and they told me, but they didn’t want to- Go on record? Go on record. They just- They told you that he said that he was going to end up killing one of them little young niggers out there on that medication. This is the same officer that went inside a church and dragged the man out and beat him. Threw him across the ground and broke his shoulder in front of a bunch of church members.

RESOURCES: Apalachee Center - https://apalacheecenter.org/ Tallahassee Memorial Behavioral Health Center - https://www.tmh.org/

LIVES MENTIONED IN THIS STORY: Duane Strong Jr. Tony MCDade George Floyd Kaldrick Donald

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