Miriam Carey - Part 1

On Oct 3, 2013, 34 year old, Miriam Carey was driving with her baby in the car when she was shot at 26 times, and hit 5 times in the back and head by Capitol Police, after she accidentally made an incorrect turn into a White House security checkpoint. Her baby was not physically harmed. Miriam’s sister, Valarie Carey (retired NYPD sergeant), and other relatives have drawn stark contrasts to the way Miriam was treated and killed, vs the white Capitol rioters on Jan 6, 2021.


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Chime #1 51:57 (Skip ahead 2 mins)
And he said, "Well, obviously you haven't been watching the news. Turn your TV on to CNN." And then when I turned my TV on to CNN, I see, you know, the footer running, suspect. Suspect of what? Um, I see my niece being held, um, by an officer. I do see my sister's vehicle or what appeared to- could be my sister's vehicle. Um, and I just got off the phone and said, "I need to process this."
CLIP of police encounter

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