Say Their Name: #GetLouder

Adell and Chris wrap up Season 1 of Say Their Name, reflecting on what they learned and their call to action with the #GetLouder campaign as we support Georgia in the Senate Runoff. CALL TO ACTION: Donate to Families - #GetLouder is a rallying cry for all Black and Brown communities that have been disproportionately impacted by policing in America. It is an ethos, but is also a call-to-action that amplifies the act of voting as well as collective storytelling. We have to #GetLouder in and for Georgia because creating a Democratic senate is critical in setting us up to pass much needed legislation like the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. By amplifying our voice and the voices of families who continue to live with the trauma of police violence, this campaign will build on Say Their Name podcast to further enforce the need for reform, accountability, and collective investment in making change. Say Their Name: Tony McDade Kaldrick Donald Trayvon Martin Breonna Taylor George Floyd Martin Lee Anderson Tamir Rice George Floyd Timothy Thomas Angela Williams Michael Brown Eric Garner Stephon Clarke Ahmaud Arbery Sandra Bland Oscar Grant Adolph Grimes III Pamela Turner Philando Castile Justine Dammond Chiasher Fong Vue Justin Teigen Rodney King Trey Davis Marcus Golden Michael Kirvelay Sharice Burns and her baby boy Eric Garner Rodney King Emmett Till Walter Scott Philando Castile Jeffrey Gilbert Michael Donald Reed Ronnie White John Crawford III Duane “Wane” Strong Jr. Kaldrick Donald Danny Ray Thomas Jamar (Clark) Burns-Hill Archie “Artie” Elliott III 
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