The Decision Switch: 7 Principles of Successful Decision-Making, Jack P. Flaherty

Jack P. Flaherty is a passionate advocate and educator dedicated to helping today's leaders become confident, agile, and effective decision-makers. Recognizing the crucial role that decision-making plays in our success, legacy, and overall quality of life, Jack strives to bridge the knowledge gap that often leads to anxiety and self-doubt, causing performance and relationship issues both at work and home.

With his extensive experience and expertise, Jack has developed a proven framework called "The 7 Principles of Successful Decision-Making" that empowers individuals to consistently achieve their goals. Drawing inspiration from his upbringing in a humble household, where he witnessed his father build a family business from scratch armed with only a high school diploma, and his mother's determination and resourcefulness, Jack inherited a strong work ethic, tenacity, and a keen business sense.

Early in his career, Jack worked on Morgan Stanley's derivatives trading desk alongside a group of exceptional executives, traders, and salespeople from prestigious universities across Europe and the United States. The firsthand exposure to countless negotiations and the consequences of poor decision-making deeply impacted Jack. He keenly observed patterns, making mental notes about successful approaches and pitfalls. Over his twenty-plus years of consulting in technology and risk management, Jack has continued to refine his understanding of effective decision-making strategies. Jack's new book, "The Decision Switch: 7 Principles of Successful Decision-Making" he shares his insights, providing readers with the tools they need to make confident decisions consistently. Jack's mission is to empower individuals to navigate the complexities of decision-making and achieve their desired outcomes.

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