Mastering Top Down Culture, Lyndsay Dowd's Leadership Secrets

Lyndsay Dowd, a seasoned business coach with a remarkable 25-year career in sales and leadership, has garnered recognition as a Top 10 Coach by Apple News. Her passion for reshaping leadership and fostering positive cultures has earned her the 2023 Award for Innovation and Excellence, where she was named Business Coach of the Year. Lyndsay's legacy as an industry leader is underscored by her book, "Top Down Culture: Revolutionizing Leadership to Drive Results," solidifying her as a thought leader in leadership development and corporate culture transformation.



📋 Episode Chapters

(00:00) Lyndsay Dowd talks about how leaders can increase their leadership skills

(00:51) You spent 25 years in corporate America before starting Heartbeat for Hire

(02:28) Part of what makes up a wonderful company with great culture is leadership

(04:48) Psychological safety is giving people the autonomy to knock it out of park

(10:07) You have to be willing to accept some feedback. Even if you don't believe it

(11:33) One great tool is leveraging recognition. If you start saying, I'm going to start

(15:07) Whenever I had a new leader, I reached out to them immediately

(19:52) When new management steps into a company, it can be a scary experience

(22:01) Top down culture is exactly what every leader need

(24:44) My Crazy Roommates takes readers into the wild and unpredictable world of young adulthood

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