Effective Communication for Conflict Resolution with Dr. Debra Dupree

Dr. Debra Dupree, the MINDSET Doc, helps leaders grow out of their FEAR of CONFLICT. She saw her own family-owned business embroiled in differences, leading to dashed dreams, damaged relationships, and broken hearts. She turned these early experiences into a lifeline for the business world, working with leaders at all levels of an organization, bringing unique perspectives on the brain science behind people in conflict.

People have a financial and personal need to work but work doesn't always feel 'psychologically safe'. Dr. D works with leaders and organizations to build a climate of courage and curiosity to set the tone for meaningful workplace settings, turning challenging confrontations into curious learning conversations. Her experience and services extend into the world of families as disputes don’t always start or end at work.

Dr. Debra is a Dispute Resolution Specialist, Conflict | Leadership Coach, and International Trainer and Keynote Speaker. She hosts the podcast ‘Decoding the Conflict Mindset’ to bring ‘thought leaders’ from business and legal worlds to her community worldwide to gain insight when high emotions run high and tough negotiations are at stake. She also founded the virtual mentorship program “The Agile Lawyer-Mediator Interview Series” drawing upon 12 topnotch advocates and mediators.

She was recognized as one of the top ten trainers globally by SkillPath Corporate Strategies in 2016 and designated as a ‘Super SMART Mediator’ by the Federal Executive Board in 2008.

Dr. D is the author of three eBooks to date and numerous articles. Her book “Your Emotional Potential: How You Show Up Matters” is available on Amazon with all proceeds dedicated to “Kids Managing Conflict” (a non-profit subsidiary of Southern California Mediation Association – SCMA where she is on the Board of Directors).

When not facilitating mediations or engaging in keynote presentations, you can find Debra out on the water kayaking, on her electric boat in the Coronado Cays relaxing with friends over sunsets, or walking her beloved Yorkie Pom, Snickers, along the Pacific Coast. www.relationships-at-work.com


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