Beyond Ads: Crafting Unforgettable Brand Experiences with Ray Sheehan

Ray Sheehan is the Founder of Old City Media, a North American event production and experiential marketing agency. He has a background in strategic planning, marketing, event management, and advertising and has helped the company expand from one city in the United States to an international agency. Before this role, Ray partnered with, a production company in Philadelphia and worked for 20th Century FOX. He oversaw all aspects of the business and produced a nationally syndicated television show for FOX. In 2020, he launched the G.I.F.T Program as part of Old City Media. Ray is recognized as a leader in the special events industry and an innovative thinker in the Philadelphia community and beyond. Sheehan has been featured in Grit Daily, The Next Scoop, Site Pro News, and more! 

About Old City Media

Summary: Christina and Ray explore how to cut through marketing clutter with experiential events. Ray explains his background producing live events and how COVID forced his agency to pivot to retail marketing. He provides tips for crafting intimate brand experiences, like giving away merch at booths or custom bobbleheads. Ray emphasizes tailoring strategies based on your audience, environment and budget. He believes experiential marketing done right delivers the best ROI, consumer feedback, and team culture.

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