Achieving Small Business Growth Through Automation with Peter Wasmer

Peter Wasmer is the Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer at Pure Coastal Development LLC. He has P&L ownership experience in business start-ups, SaaS companies, and going concerns, adept at optimizing resources and unlocking savings. Peter developed a national platform that changed the powersports industry and created strong corporate identity through transformational visioning. He also re-branded and re-engineered sales and management processes for existing corporations through technology, marketing and process improvement.

Being a serial entrepreneur doesn’t always mean being successful; he admits that his clothing line “failed miserably.” But the entrepreneurs who make it are the ones who dust themselves off and get back to work. “You’re driven by your own dreams,” he says. “You’re not driven by somebody else telling you what to do.”

Introducing the app to help RISC™ (Regular Interval Service Companies) business owners put more time and more money back into their lives via easy-to-use technology. The app streamlines scheduling & dispatching, automates invoicing & collection, effortlessly drives customer interaction, and offers other processes to help companies focus their energies on more life affirming tasks.

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