Bonus: Blooper Reel #4 - US-UK Relations

A new, eagerly-awaited installment in the much-loved series of outtakes and bloopers.

Bald eagle-eared listeners may have noticed that the co-hosts of Save Me From My Shelf hail from different co(u)ntries, and that this is occasinally the so(u)rce of some acrimony. This bonus program(me) compiles those numero(u)s clips from the cutting room floor in which our transatlantic contretemps came to a head, and we really nailed o(u)r colo(u)rs to the mast. Who wins? Choose your fighter: Grover Cleveland or Michael Caine.

Cover art © Catherine Wu.

Episode themes: Scott Joplin, 'Maple Leaf Rag' (1899), performed by the US Marine Band (1906) and Gilbert and Sullivan, excerpts from 'H.M.S. Pinafore' (1878), performed by the Imperial Military Band (1907).

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