You Do You

From constant promotion of skin lightening treatments to all the weight loss procedures advertised on the MTR, we are constantly surrounded by all kinds of toxic messaging in Hong Kong that makes us feel like nothing we ever do is enough. How can we cut through this and just own our true selves? This topic is incredibly close to our hearts, so in this episode we’re talking to two of our favourite candid and inspiring women, Bertha Chan and Ziggy Makant, who have been using their voice on social media to bring a unique and honest perspective to existing as a person in this city. The good, the bad and the ugly, nothing is off limits in this conversation.

(N.B: this episode contains discussions of some sensitive topics, such as abortion, eating disorders and postpartum depression. Listener discretion is advised).

Featured Guests:

Bertha Chan ( - find her on Instagram @berthachandotcom or @curvasian

Ziggy Makant ( - find her on Instagram @zig.fitmama

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