International Woman's Day: The tipping point of women's roles in NZ Ag with Lindy Nelson

In a special episode for 'Shaping our Future' on Sarah's Country released on 2022 International Woman's Day, Sarah Perriam discovers where women's role has come, the current is and can to in the New Zealand primary sector with female empowerment leader in rural New Zealand, Lindy Nelson.

Lindy is a woman on a mission farming with her husband David, is the Chair of Safer Farms and founded the Agri-Women's Development Trust which has unleashed the confidence and talents of over 4,000 women who have found leadership roles that are shaping our future.

In this episode, Lindy provides her wisdom to all listeners on the tipping point of women's contribution to agriculture at a time of great importance from social division to climate change.

"In Native American wisdom, they describe the wings of humanity as one male wing & one female wing. The male wing has been flying too strongly and the female wing is unfurling to bring new strength and balance. If we look at women's role as we aren't fighting for a place, we are bringing balance and support,"

Lindy Nelson

This episode is a part of our new weekly series for 2022 on Sarah's Country 'Shaping our future' where we help New Zealand farmers & growers navigate the big issues to be more prepared for the challenges and opportunities ahead!