Farmers may hate technology, but it will give you more time for farming!

Did you know that globally agriculture is one of the last industries to digitise? And for those farmers that will embrace the market access requirement to prove the provenance and verify the farm practices will ultimately win.

But imagine if technology as a tool actually made you a better farmer? Perhaps more tolerant to climatic conditions, faster decision making in risky situations and free up time to actually do the thing you enjoy... farming... or boating/golf/fishing!

As the Farmax annual conference wraps up, Sarah Perriam catches up with the two CEOs on the merger of Farmax, the predictive modelling farm software and Farm IQ, the farm management software - Will Noble & Gavin McEwan. 


"If NZ's pastoral agriculture wants to retain its place as a premium supplier to the world, we need to digitise our supply chain and the supply chain starts at the farm," explains Gavin McEwan, Farmax


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This episode is the first in a new weekly series for 2022 on Sarah's Country 'Tell us what you really think! hosting the opinions of those involved intimately with some of the big issues facing New Zealand's primary sector.