Instead of being the best 'in' the world, be the best 'for' the world with Becks Smith

 In an environment where farmers & growers may be thinking it's all coming at them, Becks Smith can see the light at the end of the tunnel when we condense the overwhelm and see the challenges through a more holistic approach.  

New Zealand farmers naturally have an inter-generational view of stewardship of their land, but sometimes need support to bring the right expertise together when they are on the next level of their sustainability journey.

Becks Smith discusses with Sarah Perriam, host of Sarah's Country, how her career journey as a vet in Central Otago, alongside farming with her husband's family, is evolving into the social enterprise The Whole Story.

She shares her insights into how to take small steps towards change and how important to pull an advisory board around our farmers that are all on the same page.


"We sometimes make changes and don't reflect on what the outcome was. I am seeing powerful changes when farmer's bring the right support around them to help them reflect on their decision making," explains Becks Smith, The Whole Story.