The woman I want to clone! I Sue McGaw, Special Projects with Plants

What led me to Sue was a string of fate, and now I want to share her with the world as this week's Sarah's Country Sister.

Sue McGaw is a specialist native plant consultant from North Canterbury who works with farmers to design their riparian plantings into biodiversity nodes to ensure 99% success rate, all year round bird feed, resilence from pests, weeds, droughts, and floods and Rongoā Māori, the traditional healing properties.

At 63 years old, after 25 years of landscape design, Sue's imposter syndrome that she no one would listen to her without a Master's she embarked on completing in Ecology.

Sue's lifelong mission is to pass on her knowledge to catchment groups and farmers to get it right the first time and not just plant what you like the look of!

To connect with Sue feel free to email her,