Unapologetically optimistic & defiantly hopeful for 2022 I Dana Muir, BNZ

The angst and noise of 2021 have led to a division in New Zealand's primary sector.

However, the division appears to come down to whether farmers & growers are in the camp of a mindset that is optimistic, open-minded to change and unfearful of the future. Or not.


"Positivity doesn't mean your ignoring life's stress, you're just approaching hardship in a productive way," explains Dana Muir, Head of Natural Capital, BNZ.


As the last Sarah's Country Sister for the year, Dana Muir, Head of Natural Capital at BNZ, explains how the New Zealand farmers & growers focused on the megatrends of our global consumers are well advanced to be successful, future-fit businessmen and women.

And there may be more of them than you realise!


BNZ's 'Shift Happens' survey shows that 53% of farmers & growers feel that the changing landscape of the primary sector was an "opportunity for their business".

Also, 42% of farmers & growers said they "would diversify their land use to meet consumer expectations", but the majority of those surveyed do believe that the pace of regulations pace is too fast.

Dana explains that regulations appear to be merely aligned to megatrends globally as well as corporates rising demand of ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) considerations in their decision making of the sourcing of their products in their supply chain.

She urges that farm environment plans & emission reduction plans will help our farmers & growers tell a better story of the food & fibre from their farms.

Sustainability-linked loans that BNZ pioneered with Southern Pastures can help incentive change and support farmers & growers with the right tools to be more ambitious than regulation. 

The rise of the conscious investor has seen the global market for sustainable investing in 2021 surge from USD $50 billion in Q1 2021 to USD $150 billion by Q4 2021.

BNZ aspires to have $10 billion of sustainability linked loans by 2025.


"Have a wonderful, well-deserved break! Set your sights on a prosperous 2022 where we can continue to be defiantly hopeful. Let's strive for more than the bare minimum of what is required of us to get ahead of the global signals. Thank you for being a valued member of Sarah's Country's community with record listenership in 2021, and I value your continued support more than you will ever know!! Merry Christmas" - Sarah Perriam