EP. 143 - Dustin Kensrue (Thrice)

Image Of The Invisible. Melody master, Thrice vocalist and spiritual human, Dustin Kensrue, is our guest on Episode 143 of Sappenin' Podcast! The voice of an alternative generation is back with us, for his own dedicated episode, as we dive into a lifetime of inspirational energy. In this conversation, we discuss the bands new album Horizons / East. how they spent their lockdown building a new studio base, individual DIY input, bringing back The Alliance: Thrice fan-club, how subscription services like that have inspired people like While She Sleeps to create a new movement in music, the art of lyrics, finding unique songwriting techniques, returning to the UK for 2000 Trees Festival in 2022, bands he loves, bands he hates, secret projects, larger than life thoughts, wrapping up his Carry The Fire Podcast, plenty of laughs and even some teachable moments along the way. The amount of art that this man has helped create over the last two decades is uncountable. Experience another insight into the mind of Thrice and Dustin Kensrue. Turn it up and join Sean and Morgan to find out Sappenin' this week!Follow us on Social Media:Twitter: @sappeninpod.Instagram: @sappeninpod.Special thank you to our Sappenin' Podcast Patreons:Join the Sappenin' Podcast Community: Patreon.com/Sappenin.Kylie Wheeler, Mikey Engler, Janelle Caston, Mitch Perry, Emma Barber, Kelly Young, Dilly Grimwood, Nathan Crawshaw, Drew Styles, Paul Hirschfield, Liam Connolly, Kelly Irwin, Kat Bessant, Sammy G, Amandine Urbano, Shani-Maia Boxill-Anderson, Tony Michael, Captain Hannibal, Jenni Robinson, Tom Owen, Cate Stevenson, Danny Eaton, Jenni Munster, Lucy Deards, Emily Senogles, John&Emma, Martina McManus, Becky Handy, Louis Cook, Jason Heredia, Sharif Owadally, Carl Pendlebury, Kelly Cannon, Livvy Cropper, Kevin Clarke, James Mcnaught, Stuart McNaught, Lydia Henderson, Craig Harris, Chris Howard, Ollie Amesbury, Josh Crisp, Alice Wood, Adam Parslow, Marc Jones, Amy Chilvers, Rhys Bowring, Jacob Turner, Connor Lewins, Craig Girvan, Cerys Andrews, Geoff Halbherr, James Bowerbank, Mark Hendy, Natasha Morris, Jean Davies, Harry Radford, Rhys Bernado, Let it Flow Yoga, James Page, Jade Austin, Chris Hawthorne, Jordan Harris, Hannah Davies, Steph Blakemore, Ayla Emo, Daniel Stevenson, Dana Lasnover, Lewis Sluman, Kyle Smith, El Douglas, Samantha Neville, Ash Foster, Chris Harris, Jessie Hellier, Emily Dixon, David Winchurch, Erin Howard, Lucy Neill, Ben Evans, Scott Evans, Hannah Rachael, Tim Whatley, Justine Baddeley, Anthony Matthews, Owen Davies, Matt Roberts, Stevie Burke, Samantha Bowen, Jamie O' Jaime, John Wilson, Jennifer Dean, Jamie Bloor, Bethan Downing, Kevin Andrew, Robert Byrne, Ryan Woodman, Robert Pike, Ida Christensen, Rebecca Harrison, Andrew Keech, Kelly M, Amy Thomas, Jim Farrell, Nathan Matheson, Callum Oakshott, Luke Wardle, Katy Brewster, Daniel Cullen, Michael Snowden, Scarlet Charlton, Vicki Willis-Dent, Andy Saxton, Helen Macbeth, Joshua Lewis, Alanágh Gabhann, Sarah Maher, Jai Humphreys, Chris Davies, Emma Musgrave, Hannah Vkenyon, Dmac, Mike Cunningham, Loz Sánchez, Christopher Goldring, Andy Wastell, Beth Gayler, Jemma John, Madeleine Inez, Nuala Clark, Tosca Andrea, Donna Attrill, Chris Lincoln, Dilly Dally, Tom Hylandsand and Carl Smith. Diolch and Thank You x

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