SAP Concur Solutions is like a Condo with Different Floorplans for the Award-Winning Lyndon Group

“I always liken Concur to a condominium building; if you have been on the Concur platform for 10 years and every time you move somebody into the new building, you let them decorate their condo the way that they want it, they have their own set of expense types, their own set of processes, you may have over-engineered your system. So, to really make sure that your system is optimized for those expansions, you need to try to streamline where you can,” shares Kara Bernard, Managing Director of the Lyndon Group. Enjoy every moment of this practical podcast conversation between Kara Bernard and Jeanne Dion, Director of the Value Experience Group at SAP Concur. You’ll learn how to transform your organization’s spend management to meet the rapidly changing needs of a post-pandemic, global business environment. 


Transcript | Key Points


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