40. Cristina-Tamara Grigorie Product Director, Verdane Elevate - How to align overall business goals with the product!

In this episode, we speak with Cristina-Tamara Grigorie Product Director, Verdane Elevate. Verdane, one of the leading growth partners to tech-enabled and sustainable businesses in Europe.

Cristina-Tamara is a B2B SaaS Product Director and shares her experience on why companies struggle with aligning their overall business goals with what their product teams are building and hence affecting how to prioritize the next big product bets.

We address topics such as:
- What do most growth phase/scale-up companies struggle with on the product side?
- What is a product strategy, and why is it critical to get it right?
- The role of the Roadmaps
- Product teams for scale - how is it done?

Tune in and learn from Cristina-Tamara on how to optimize your product strategy with business objectives.