RQG Ancient Rome Sidequest - Part 4

Join Alex, Ben and Lydia in the finale of our Ancient Rome Sidequest.

Trigger warnings for:

Apocalyptic scenes

Natural disasters

This week, we jump back in mid battle and things look pretty dire for our heroes. Will Grizzop finally fell his foe? Will Sasha be able to flip her way out of trouble? Listen on to find out...

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Editing this week by Lowri Ann Davies & Alexander J Newall

SFX this week by plantmonkey, steveygos93, cheetahzbrain,qubodup, Thalamus_Lab, scarbelly25, Cyberkineticfilms, prozaciswack via freesound and also copyright 2013 Iwan Gabovitch, CC-BY3 license available at http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8070/8213683889_517a10ef52_o.png

Additional Music by klankbeeld via https://freesound.org/people/klankbeeld/sounds/212029/

"cinematic moments » dreamy ambience 01"

As always, today’s game system is available for free at d20pfsrd.com

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