RQG 183 - Strength in Numbers

Join Alex, Helen, Bryn, Lydia, and Ben as they do battle in the Blight!

This week Hamid hovers, Azu gets psyched for smiting, Zolf reckons it's killable, and Cel drinks defensively.

Content Notes:

  • Physical violence
  • Body horror & gore
  • Tentacles (inc. SFX)
  • Mentions of: existential dread, mind control & compulsion, intrusive emotions, death, mild innuendo
  • SFX: roaring

Editing this week by Lowri Ann Davies, Tessa Vroom & Jeffrey Nils Gardner.

SFX this week by MindlessTrails, Raille, humanoide9000, blindmaster, OGsoundFX, Darsycho, LucasDuff, bicyclemark, Robson220pl, audione, cylon8472, tosha73, sidequesting, tbsounddesigns, DCGUlik, PaulDihor, qubodup, Ch0cchi, magnuswalker, GregorQuendel, GreenFireSound, George_Arkin, Slave2theLight, EminYILDIRIM and previously credited artists via Freesound.org.

As always, today’s game system is available for free at d20pfsrd.com.

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