RQG/STL Halloween Crossover Special 2020 - Part 3

Join Helen, Ben, Lydia, Tim and Imogen for the conclusion of their spooky adventure in Grant Howitt's Beautiful Space Pirates!

This week Countess Underscore over-varnishes, Bathin breaks up a standoff, Spinglewald glares, and Erogenous asks about beef.

Content Notes:  

- Sexual references

- Spiders

- Mild body horror

- Gun violence (inc SFX)

- Blood / Gore

- Character Death

- Mention of anxiety/panic attack

Editing this week by Lowri Ann Davies, Marisa Ewing & Alexander J Newall.

SFX this week by shawshank73, SpliceSound, Mela, lolamadeus, Infernus2, JavierZumer, InspectorJ, Diboz, Mrthenaoronha, amorralteixe, qubodup, Kferentchak, Adam N with contributions from Soundly and previously credited artists via Freesound.org.


xtrgamr - "The Dramatic Music"


Drakensson - "Crime Lab"


Ellary - "Jazzy Vibes #78 - Jazz Guitar Medley"


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