RQG - Raging Grannies - Part 2

Join Maddy, Alex, Nico, Cathy and Tessa as they continue to play Raging Grannies by Alicia Furness and introduce you to the team behind Rusty Quill’s brand new actual play podcast, Chapter and Multiverse.

This week Gloucester knows innuendo, Christine defends her bag of mush, Bryony meets some old friends, and Patricia gifts her pies.

Content warnings:

  • Food
  • Innuendo
  • Physical violence & injury
  • Imprisonment
  • Undead & zombies
  • Discussions of: attempted kidnapping, nausea & emetophobia, rot
  • Mentions of: spitting, rats
  • SFX: squishing, clanking, continuous growling


PDF: RQG - Raging Grannies - Part 2.pdf

Word: RQG - Raging Grannies - Part 2.docx

SFX this week by djtiii, joenmuri, Grubzyy, Sclolex, deleted_user_2104797, blaukreuz, http://www.freesound.org/people/klankbeeld/, julious_galla, plingativator, MattRuthSound, ofuscapreto, brunoboselli, qubodup, soonas, yadronoff, AntoineRomo, 13GPanska_Stanek_Vojtech, glock102020202, Kodack, BennetFilmTeacher, D4XX, Deathscyp, Anthousai, Aleks41, giddster, kevinkace, gronnie, Empiremonkey, marchelonia, Christopherderp, morganpurkis, LittleRobotSoundFactory, magnuswalker, pfransen, F.M.Audio, HidroLion, newlocknew, IENBA, volivieri, EricsSoundschmiede, Breviceps, Huminaatio, soykevin, NeoSpica, Kastenfrosch, minian89, Aegersum, aarrnnoo, SlykMrByches, BarkersPinhead, _def, Caitlin_100, gear_clinkz, dansotak, Eneasz and previously credited artists via Freesound.org

Executive Producers Alexander J Newall and April Sumner

Directed by Maddy Searle

Produced by Lauren Thompson and Natasha Johnston

Dialogue Edit by Maddy Searle

Sound Design by Tessa Vroom

Audio Mastering by Maddy Searle 

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