RQG - Audio Fiction Week/ Halloween 2021 Special - The Skeleton Crew Part 2

We return with part 2 of this special presentation for Halloween 2021 and Acast Audio Fiction Week. The Skeleton Crew is Produced by Cole Weavers best known as the creator and narrator of The Town Whispers, The Skeleton Crew brings together talent from Rusty Quill and beyond. The cast of Players in this special find themselves assembled together as a seasoned Paranormal investigation team of quirky individuals, with dozens of successful paranormal investigations under their belts. They find their newest gig has summoned them to a distant and secluded gated community known as Black Willow. There, the entire population has recently suffered a paranormal experience so profound, they've pooled their funds together straight away to hire the best. Fascinated by the prospect of a mass haunting, The Skeleton Crew gears up and heads out, confident that this job is like any other.

CW: Dread, Swearing, Mummification, Small Spaces, Communicating with the Dead

This special presentation featured:

Jon Ware - Writer and Creator of The Silt Verses and I am in Eskew as Rufus

Muna Hussen, - Writer and Producer of The Silt Verses as Amira

Helen Gould - Voice Actor Extraordinaire and Host of Enthusigasm as Jack

Mark Anzalone - Writer of Maeltopia and the Sleep/Wake Cycle as the Game Master

Alex Newall - Director of The Magnus Archives, and Founder of Rusty Quill as Dr. Sinclair

Cole Weavers, Creator and Narrator of The Town Whispers as Dodge

To listen to any of these creators, and their wonderful work - follow the links above, or subscribe and listen, wherever you consume podcasts.

Produced by Cole Weavers

Cover Art by Vincent Wah

Distributed by Rusty Quill

With a very special thank you once again to all those involved.

For more information please visit www.rustyquill.com

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