RQG 44 Rock Bottom

Join Alex, Bryn, Ben and Lydia as they continue to play the extended pathfinder campaign: Erasing the Line.

Party members have been dropping thick and fast and they face their (literally) darkest hour.

TRIGGER WARNING: Today’s episode contents elements of Body Horror. If you don’t want to hear it, skip the second half of the episode. Better yet, get somebody to listen to it for you then tell you what happened.

Don’t forget, Rusty Quill are appearing in a panel with Goblin Quest inventor Grant Howitt at the 2016, 9 World’s convention in London England on Friday 12 August. Tickets available from www.9worlds.co.uk

As always, today’s game system is available for free at www.d20pfsrd.com

SFX this week from AdamWayneGistarb, Wjoojoo, dsound1977, qlwvihirs, jameswrorles, reinsamba, MrAuralization, soundscalpel.com, Jaredi, Nikhill Kumar, Scolex, Sirderf, nooly, JAvierZumer, onteca, and previously credited artists via freesound.org

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