RQG 112 - Water Conundrum

Join Alex, Bryn, Helen, Lydia and Ben as they continue their hunt for the stolen river.

L.O.L.O.M.G. pull together in an attempt to save Sasha from a watery death. Grizzop is upset, Hamid takes off and Azu feels very guilty.

Thanks to this week's Patrons; Ben Kazimir Tidswell, Finn Garza, Robert Cattell, David Litvak, Jessica Miller, amaluci, Laura Malloy, Hedwig. Kelsey Stevens, Meg Daunting.

Editing this week by Lowri Ann Davies, Ed von Aderkas & Alexander J Newall

SFX this week by FPJ666, humanoide9000, corpocracy, kernschall, miastodzwiekow, MrAuralization, mhtaylor67, deoking, KenRT, VKProduktion, taylordonj, SolidSunshine & previously credited artists.

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