Eddie Izzard

After the year we've all had it's fair to say that we're ready for some eating, drinking and being merry... but perhaps in amongst all the celebrating you might find a little time to get out there for a run?

In the final episode of 2020, Jenni is joined by a comedian, actor, writer and a runner….in fact she's run so much over the last few years, it's hard to believe she actually has time for anything else!

Eddie Izzard runs marathons - a lot of them, back to back. She claims she likes to challenge herself.

Her epic running challenges started back in 2009 and have escalated ever since and in January she will embark on yet another impressive mission and so in this episode she talks all about it.

Eddie also shares tips on finding motivation, how to keep going if you 'hit the wall', she discusses reasons for running and explains what she gets out of it.

It's a fascinating listen that may have you wondering what you can also do to challenge yourself in 2021