Olivier Bernhard

This week on RunPod, Jenni is joined by someone who wasn’t content with his multiple Ironman victories and world duathlon championship wins, he wanted to leave an even greater impression on the running world.

After retiring from competing on a professional level, Olivier Bernhard devoted himself to creating the ultimate running shoe. One that would give the perfect running sensation.

He began by cutting up garden hoses at home and gluing them to the soles of his shoes, this was the start of the On Running Revolution.

Together with his fellow co-founders, they officially founded On Running in 2010 and in the years which have followed, their game has picked up a pace.

You’ll see their shoes on athletes on the world stage, they’ve been on podiums, broken records and they’re worn by millions of regular runners round the globe.

In this episode, Olivier talks about the brand, its growth, which On trainers are right for you and their new sustainable initiative which will be the first in the trainer world.

It’s a thoroughly interesting conversation with someone who has turned their passion for running in the Swiss Alps into a business, which has become a major player in the fitness world.