Post-Brighton with Ivo Graham

A recovery run for Rob and this week's replacement Paul, top comic and, as it turns out, top runner Ivo Graham, as they test their thighs on a loop of Hampstead Heath after the Brighton Marathon, and compare their experiences - or get distracted along the way. Featuring Ivo's irritating natural ability, a bird Rob can't name, how to NOT prepare for a Marathon, some Supergrass comedy, a surprise gift, some new fans, and an exciting adventure in Wales coming up in a couple of weeks.


As ever, the wonderful adventures you share with us on line, the generous donations you give us through the Acast Supporter button and - this week - all the sponsorship you've given Rob for Parkinson's UK, fill our hearts. You're beautiful people, and we love you.

Rob's book Running Tracks is available here -, and you can get Paul’s award-winning 26.2 Miles to Happiness here -

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