November Begins On The Heath

As November begins, Paul and Rob take to Hampstead Heath to review their current situation. Featuring the history of Halloween, what not to wear in Bahrain, art review and parkrun report combined, birds and trees and surprisingly nice weather, sundry slips and the resulting whoops, teenagers' adventures and other Dad stuff - plus some more PBs.

Rob is off to New York to run the Marathon again - if you want to track him, his number's 28528, and if you'd like to sponsor him for Parkinson's UK, his JustGiving page is here:

Thanks for sharing your running adventures with us on line, and everyone who's 'bought us a coffee' through the Acast Supporter button; we love you.

Rob's book Running Tracks is available here -, and you can get Paul’s award-winning 26.2 Miles to Happiness here -

Happy running. x

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