Become a Better Trail Runner Today, Even If You've Never Tried It: Ruairi Moynihan

Trail running can seem a little intimidating if you are used to running on the roads.  But it can be an incredible experience, once you are armed with a little knowledge.

RunnersConnect Coach Ruairi Moynihan is the perfect bridge between the roads and the trails as a super fast 2:22 road marathoner and he’s a champion trail racer, too. Ruairi’s here to tell us why he loves the trails, how to train on them, and how to really get good at it.

In this episode you’ll learn how to:

  • get over common fears about running on trails
  • effectively run hills both up and down
  • know when to walk a hill and when to run it
  • fuel for an ultramarathon

Ruairi’s been a fast runner since he was a kid, ran in college, and now splits his time coaching online at RunnersConnect, substitute teaching, and making zany videos for his side hustle, Trail GangstAZ.

If you’ve ever thought about taking your runs off-road, this is the perfect primer to get you started.  And if you are already a trail lover, Ruairi’s got some great tips to make your trail time more productive and hopefully, even more fun.


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