The 3 Most Important Variables in a Training Plan

Perhaps the most common mistake runners make when writing their own training plans is trying to change or add in too many variables at once. This leads to overtraining and not being able to identify what is (and isn’t) working.

When it comes to writing your training schedule or adjusting your plan to take your training to the next level, there are 3 main variables to take into account: frequency, duration, and intensity.

In this episode we’ll discuss…

  1. What frequency, duration, and intensity mean and why they are important
  2. Show you ways you can alter each to positively impact your training
  3. Why trying to change more than one at a time is often a recipe for disaster
  4. And how to combine all 3 variables to take your next training block to the next level.

This is a must listen if you’ve plateaued in your progress or keep hitting injury or overtraining ruts when training for races.

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