The 3 Minute Solution For Faster, More Powerful Running: Dr Eoin Everard

Do you ever feel like you are missing out on key training elements that could actually help you get faster and stronger? If you are stuck in a plateau or a cycle of injury, there are some changes that can help.

Eoin Everard is a physiotherapist with a PhD in Biomechanics who studies what makes runners faster and stronger. He’s the founder of and he certainly has discovered what works on himself. Eoin has won 5 national senior running titles, has represented Ireland on the international stage from 800m to 10k Cross Country. He is a sub 4 minute miler and ran sub 14 minutes for 5k just last year. Finally, he is the current indoor 3000m European O35 champion.

And besides all of that, Eoin is utterly delightful to talk to. We went a little longer than usual with this conversation, because there is just so much good stuff!

You’ll learn:

  • Eoin’s 3 minute drill to add on to a run to get more power,
  • why you should not bother to fix your form on the run, and 
  • why static stretching is not as evil as you might think it is for runners.

This is an amazing conversation that I promise you’ll learn a lot from. And if that’s not enough, Eoin is giving all of the Run to the Top listeners a free download of his super helpful ebook for runners called  "Get to the line in the best shape possible."  

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