Royal Blue Podcast: David Prentice Special! A look back over Prenno's incredible career

A special Royal Blue podcast was recorded to mark the departure of a Liverpool ECHO legend.
Dave Prentice, who has held a variety of roles at the ECHO for over three decades, is today leaving the company to join Everton Football Club.
Dave, who has written about his beloved Blues for 34 years, talks about his new role as Senior Communications Manager at Goodison and why he is making the change in his career.
But the former Everton Reporter and Sports Editor, takes us back through the journey of his journalistic life which has Everton had the very heart of it.
Dave talks about his favourite matches to have reported on, the highs and lows of the job, an incredible run of having never missed a match, and the managers who became more than contacts.
Sit back, relax and listen to Dave's tale of an incredible career in football journalism.