Royal Blue Podcast Special Edition: Boys from the Blue Stuff - Gavin Buckland's new book

In a special edition of the Royal Blue podcast, Gavin Buckland speaks about his new book Boys from the Blue Stuff with the Echo's David Prentice and host Chris Beesley.
Following on from his 2019 publication Money Can't Buy Us: Everton in the 1960s, Gavin's latest release - which is available now - charts Everton's rise to 1980s glory through the difficult days of Billy Bingham and Gordon Lee's reign and then Howard Kendall's early struggles before a dramatic and glorious turnaround.
The highs and lows of the era are brought to life through 400 illuminating pages of Gavin's prose and he and David discuss how the book has inspired them to re-evaluate a period that was their respective formative years.
Concluding with the Blues' magnificent 1985 League Championship and success in the European Cup-Winners' Cup, with what is considered the greatest team in the club's history and one of the best club sides the English game has ever produced, Gavin points out that at least readers know that there's a happy ending!