"We're Really Doing This!" | 'The Bachelorette' S16 E4

Clare and Dale went on their first date, spent the night together, got engaged, and rode off into the Bachelor Bubble sunset in the span of about 90 minutes of TV time. That really happened.

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0:30 Was the episode good?

1:30 AB's Bachelor Headline of the Week

4:30 Chris visits Clare, swears a lot

10:00 Chris visits the boys

13:00 Clare and Dale one-on-one date

18:00 Back at the house

19:30 Back on the date, subsequent sleepover

27:30 Back at the house

29:00 Clare and Chris debrief

33:00 Clare performs a mass breakup

41:00 What's up? It's Neil Lane.

42:30 Chris puts the pressure on Dale

48:00 The proposal

54:00 The fellas get a second chance

57:00 Tayshia arrives

1:00:00 Post-mini-season discussion and predictions

1:04:00 Mailbag

1:19:00 Power Rankings (Rim's Ranks for Tayshia's season)

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