"Read Between The Lines" | 'The Bachelorette' S16 E1

At long last, Clare's season from the La Quinta bubble has arrived. With a more mature cast of men who might not even have to share bunk beds, the next few months will surely be low on drama. Right?

Please note: We've decided to cover Clare's season with the major "spoiler" as part of the discussion. If you have somehow managed to avoid this news, it's in your best interests to refrain from listening until, y'know, the coast is clear. (For what it's worth, they discussed the rumors openly on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, so it's not exactly contained to the seedy underbelly of the internet.)


0:30 Thank you LeBron!

2:30 The big off-season "spoiler" which we are no longer considering a spoiler

6:30 Clare intro

9:00 Bubble stuff

13:00 Clare's Sunday Conversation

14:30 Limo entrances

40:00 The BIG limo entrance

49:00 Cocktail Party

1:04:00 Rose Ceremony

1:09:00 Mailbag question

1:11:00 AB's Bachelor Headlines of the Week

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