"Quit Playin' Highlander Games With Hannah's Heart" | 'The Bachelorette' S15 E5 Recap

Contenders separate themselves on a full-clothed (?) group date in Scotland, while Mike auditions for the hearts of both Hannah and Bachelor Nation. There's also another Luke P-related cliffhanger, if you're into that sort of thing. Plus: Some great mailbag responses and a moderately important merch update.

2:45 Conclusion of last week's cocktail party

7:30 Luke S. leaves

11:15 Rose Ceremony

15:15 Off to Scotland

20:00 Mike one-on-one date - daytime

22:45 Back at the house

24:00 Back on the date

26:00 Mike one-on-one date - night time

28:00 Back at the house (group date card)

30:00 Back on the date

34:15 Group date - daytime

37:15 Back at the house

39:15 Back on the date (is anyone wearing underwear?)

46:30 Group date - night time

52:00 Back at the house

53:00 Back on the date

55:00 At the house (before Luke's date)

56:15 Luke P. one-on-one date - daytime

1:05:00 Luke P. one-on-one date - night time

1:10:10 Mailbag

1:16:00 Top 4 Power Rankings

1:18:15 Merch update

1:20:00 Bachelor Headline of the Week

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