"Pitchfork Season" | 'The Bachelorette' S15 E6 Recap

This week's episode of 'The Bachelorette' -- which included a forty-five-minute surprise recap clip show, to the benefit of no one -- was an affront to Bachelor Nation and a mistake that will not soon be forgotten. The first part had some juice, though, and believe it or not, we discussed it at length. Enjoy.

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0:45 This episode was an affront to Bachelor Nation...BUT!

4:00 The merch is here!

5:00 In this episode/Did the previews ruin the season?

7:00 The end of Luke's "date"

16:00 Back at the house

23:00 Cocktail "party"

42:00 Chris Harrison appearance

44:00 Rose Ceremony

47:30 Brunch in Latvia with Chris

50:00 Back at the MANSION?!

58:45 "Coming up later this season..." (SPOILER ALERT basically smh)

1:01:30 Mailbag

1:08:00 Bach Bracket update

1:10:00 Power Rankings

1:11:30 Bachelor Headline of the Week, Presented by Podchaser

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