"Mr. Right?" | 'The Bachelorette' S15 E2 Recap

A wise man once said, "Episode two is where people really show their true colors." MC Cam leads the way with several jarring tactics, while Luke P. storms ahead of the pack with an early (to put it mildly) declaration of love and a few secret, steamy rendezvous. Also, Mike.

2:15 Group date - day time

15:15 Group date - night time

21:45 Back at the house (date card)

22:45 Tyler G. one-on-one date - day time

28:55 Back at the house (date card)

29:15 Group date - day time

32:45 Back at the house

33:45 Back on the date

36:00 Group date - night time

45:45 Cocktail Party

1:00:00 Rose Ceremony

1:01:00 After the Rose Ceremony

1:06:30 Next Bachelor prediction

1:08:15 Bach Bracket update

1:09:45 Our current Top 4

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