"Glitch In The Matrix" | 'The Bachelorette' S15 E4 Recap

The franchise wades into uncharted territory with Jed's jarring admission, Mike finds himself in more piddly drama than we hoped he would, and the Battle of the Lukes delivers no winners. Plus: A loaded mailbag and merch update.

2:45 It's starting to get serious

4:30 Leave Rhode Island

5:15 Jed one-on-one date - day time

17:00 Back at the house

18:30 Jed one-on-one date - night time

23:30 Group date - day time

34:00 Group date - night time

45:00 Tyler C. date - day time

48:00 Tyler C. date - day time

53:00 Cocktail Party

1:02:00 Mailbag - Paradise couples

1:08:00 Our current top 4

1:12:30 Merch update

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