"Bull In A China Shop" | 'The Bachelor' S24 E5 Recap

The first three hours of this week's double-Bachelor extravaganza included reckless accusations, under-the-table roses, and more questionable decision-making from our lead, the gift that keeps on giving.


3:00 Cleveland cocktail party

12:00 Rose Ceremony

15:30 Costa Rica

19:00 Sydney one-on-one date - day time

20:00 Back at the house

22:00 Back on the date

26:00 Group date card

27:30 Sydney one-on-one date - night time

33:00 Back at the house

34:00 Group date - day time

40:00 Group date - night time

53:00 Kelley one-on-one date - day time

56:00 Back at the house

58:00 Kelley one-on-one date - night time

1:03:00 Tammy tripping/Kelsey meets with Peter

1:12:00 Canceled cocktail party

1:15:00 Rose Ceremony

1:24:00 Off-screen news

1:31:00 Mailbag

1:35:00 Power Rankings

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