"Behind Closed Doors" | 'The Bachelorette' S16 E3

Dale dominates a group date for the ages, Clare sends the riff raff packing, and bah gawd—that's Tayshia's music!

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1:30 Clare sends Yosef packing

10:30 Dale miraculously appears

14:00 Rose Ceremony

17:00 DeAnna's visit

22:00 Group "date"

41:00 Zach J date

45:00 Back at the house

48:00 More Zach J date

50:00 Group date (roast)

59:00 The Big Reveal

1:01:00 Mailbag

1:09:00 AB's Bachelor Headline of the Week

1:11:00 Dale gettin' money

1:13:00 Rim's Laundry Tips

1:15:30 Big Brother finale predictions

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