"That's All I'm Gonna Say" | 'The Bachelor' S24 E8 Recap

The first three hometowns went off without a hitch, though things got hairy in Virginia Beach. Rim and AB discuss gruff dads, crab rangoons, college basketball hams, Peter's decision to continue pursuing a person he never seems to have a good time with, and more. Thanks for listening.


3:00 Hannah Ann hometown - day time (Knoxville, TN)

8:00 Hannah Ann hometown - night time

17:00 Kelsey hometown - day time (Des Moines, IA)

23:00 Kelsey hometown - night time

34:00 Madison hometown - day time (Auburn, AL)

40:00 Madison hometown - night time

51:00 Victoria F. hometown - day time (Virginia Beach, VA)

1:00:00 Victoria F. debacle - night time

1:10:00 Victoria F. still - the next day

1:15:00 Rose Ceremony

1:22:00 Mailbag

1:35:00 Power Rankings

1:37:00 AB's Bachelor Headline of the Week

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