Alex and Trista's Seasons | 'The Greatest Seasons ⁠— Ever!' E5

It's not just the baggy suits -- the first seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette were totally different than the shows we watch today. We discuss the breakneck pace at which Alex and Trista narrowed down their potential mates and the fact that just about everyone involved wasn't entirely sure what was going on most of the time.

(P.S. Scroll down for a disclosure that may or may not ruin the episode for you.)



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(Full disclosure/inside baseball: Here's the deal...when we initially recorded this episode, Rim had just upgraded some software which reset some items to their default settings, resulting in a nearly unlistenable file. So Rim re-recorded his parts, which means he had to pretend as if he was conversing with AB in real time when in fact he was not. The result is a subpar episode, plain and simple. I'm embarrassed by it, and frankly I won't blame you if you skip it. In any event, thank you for your patience. We'll be back to normal for the next episode.)


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