"Elephant In The Room" | 'The Bachelor' S24 E9 Recap

Fantasy suites week delivered some breathtaking dates -- and potentially the end of Peter and Madi's relationship. We discuss whether it's really over between them, or if one of Victoria and Hannah Ann became the new front runner just in the nick of time.


1:00 Madison and Peter post-Rose Ceremony

9:00 Gold Coast/Hotel accommodations

12:00 Hannah Ann date - day time

15:00 Back at the hotel suite

17:00 Hannah Ann date - night time

21:30 Back at the hotel

23:00 Victoria date - day time

29:00 Back at the house

30:00 Victoria date - night time

38:00 Madison on the balcony

39:00 Victoria and Peter morning after

41:00 Awkward hotel convo

45:00 Madison date - day time

49:00 Back at the house

50:00 Madison date - night time

1:08:00 Senior Bachelor update

1:09:00 Mailbag

1:18:00 Power Rankings

1:21:00 AB's Bachelor Headline of the Week

1:22:30 New Merch Designs

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